Henry D. Sheldon High School


SHS Accreditation Year

This year Sheldon High School will be going through an accreditation process that occurs every five years for schools. The process involves a school wide self-assessment in preparation for a visit by the AdvancEd external review team in the spring. We look forward to having a wide range of input from staff, students, and parents as we gather information about SHS programs and processes that lead to continuous school improvement. (more…)


It’s School Choice Time.

Come see what our schools offer!

In Eugene School District 4J, every school offers an excellent education for our students. Students may enroll in their neighborhood school at any time, or request enrollment in a different 4J school, provided there is a place available. (more…)


Financial Aid Night – Feb 5

Attention Seniors and Parents! Have you finished your FAFSA application? If not, come to the drop in FAFSA completion lab  Wednesday  February 5th 3:30-5:30 in the Library. Get help with your financial aid and scholarships. Please have your SSN and 2012 tax documents handy.


4J Calendar Changed to Make Up Snow Days

Make-up days added, grading and training days moved

4J schools were closed due to snow and ice for four days in December. The school calendar has been adjusted so that students will not lose any school days as a result of the weather and the three trimesters will be balanced in length.

The snow days will be made up on days previously scheduled to be furlough days: March 31, April 17 and 18, and May 23. The end of the second trimester and the no-school days for grading, professional development and planning have been postponed by one week. (more…)

Sheldon e-news

Would you like to get updates about what’s happening around Sheldon? Sign up for the Sheldon Irish e-news. Send an e-mail to: sheldonirishenews@gmail.com

Testing Day October 15th

This is a reminder that on this Wednesday, October 15, Sheldon is having an all school testing day.  Sophomores and Juniors will take the PLAN and PSAT tests respectively and seniors will be in a workshop from 8:30-10:30 in the auditorium. 9th grade students will be in workshops all morning.  For seniors who have not completed their Career Related Learning standards, you are required to meet with Kim in the band room at 10:30-11:30.

School on Wednesday starts at 8:30am for all students in 9th -12th grade, even if a student does not normally have a first period class.  Locations of testing rooms are posted in the career center and in the main hallway. Students will be testing by advisor groups but some classrooms have been changed. Please double check.  Students should bring two number 2 pencils with them to the test.  It is better not to use a mechanical pencil.

Lunch will be available in our cafeteria after the tests are over.  There will be no afternoon classes but teachers who work full time will be available to help students in a “common time” from 1:00p to 3:20p.

For students who normally take school transportation to and from school, busses will be scheduled to leave Sheldon at the usual departure time.