Athletic Eligibility

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Athletic Eligibility
All students must meet the following requirements to be eligible to participate:

  1. A current physical exam dated May 1 or later of the year entering high school.
  2. Complete the annual Interval History form. {Insurance verification, training rules, etc.}
  3. Payment of sports participation fee– see fee schedule provided by district office
  4. Valid student body card– $30.00

In addition, you must be enrolled in a minimum of 1.25 credits each 9 week term, and you must pass a total of 2.5 credits each semester (18 weeks).
All forms are available at the Sheldon Finance Office.

OSAA rule 8–1–3(5)
This rule now allows off–campus credit, including summer school classes, to be counted toward eligibility. With this new policy in effect, we need to inform students who have not passed a class that they are not eligible for next fall and that they need to make up the class they failed. If the class the student failed is an academic class, the class must be made up by the student taking an equivalent academic class.

Sports Physicals
All incoming freshmen and junior students new to District 4J must have a physical to participate in athletics. Sheldon follows the OSAA eligibility requirements which require student athletes to be in good academic standing.

School Insurance
Enrollment for school insurance is not included as part of the student registration fees. Brochure type applications and a letter of explanation are available at the school for your convenience. All premium payments and claims processing must be handled directly with Manley Administrative Services, 91136 North Willamette, Coburg, OR 97408, 485–7488.


**********Sports Scholarships Available**********

Funds are available for Sheldon students who would otherwise be unable to participate in an organized sport due to financial reasons. The scholarships are funded by the John Gillilan/Tim Torrey Memorial Fund endowment. John and Tim are former Sheldon athletes who died in separate motorcycle and auto accidents in 1981 and 1979.

Contact any coach, athletic director Matt Binkerd or Principal Dr. Bob Bolden.

Also, we are in need of additional funds and solicit your support. Contact Julia Girod at the Sheldon office of finance.