Electronic Devices

The use of personal electronic devices during class is not consistent with Sheldon High School’s mission of ensuring that students use instructional time to pursue academic success. Sheldon staff requests that parents and students honor our desire to preserve the integrity of the instructional moment and support our decision to discourage the use of personal electronic devices (including cell phones, iPods, camcorders, personal computers, etc.) that may disrupt the lesson, classmates and the teacher.

Students using an electronic device during instructional time without prior permission by staff, or who use the device so that it causes a disruption to the educational process, may be considered insubordinate. Staff may confiscate the device and take appropriate disciplinary action.

Additionally, electronic devices represent an attraction to thieves. Since the staff discourages students from bringing electronic devises to school, such lost or stolen items will not be investigated because of time restraints and the school will not be responsible for replacing personal belongings brought to our campus.