Use of Lockers and Desks

Lockers and desks belong to the school district and are assigned for the convenience of students. They are to be properly cared for by students and not used for the storage of illegal, dangerous, or prohibited items, or evidence of an illegal act or violation of a school rule.

A general inspection of lockers or desks may be conducted by school officials on a regular basis. Such general inspections will be announced in advance. Items belonging to the school and not appropriately in the student’s possession will be seized and returned. Illegal, dangerous, or prohibited items will be seized and held for appropriate disposition.

Special inspections of individual lockers or desks may be made when there is reasonable suspicion to believe that illegal or dangerous items or items that are evidence of a violation of the law or school rules are contained in them. The student will be given the opportunity to be present when the search of personal possessions is conducted, providing the student is in attendance and if there is no reason to believe that his/her presence would endanger his/her safety or the safety of others.