Class Scheduling Process

Students are required to take a minimum number of academic credits each school year, as defined in the Curriculum Handbook. Students schedule their classes with the support of teachers/advisors, counselors, administrators, and parents during the registration period. Much time is taken to make certain the decisions made during the registration period are in the best academic interest of the student. Students are urged to choose their class schedules carefully and thoughtfully, and to seek assistance as needed.

The student schedule becomes official once it is entered and accepted into the Master Scheduling System. Any changes to schedules have a serious impact on class size, teaching assignments, and the overall operation of the academic program of Sheldon High School. Students and parents should not plan a schedule with the idea it can be changed.

Schedule Change Guidelines

Changes will not be considered for teacher, period, or athletic preferences. Students may request a change in their schedule during the first week of each trimester for level changes only (Honors/AP course to regular for example). If the request involves academic courses required for graduation or college eligibility, communication must occur between the parent, teacher, and counselor, using the appropriate form available in the Counseling Office/Scheduling Office prior to the change occurring. If a change is approved, the change will be considered on a space available basis and is subject to other master schedule constraints.

Once requested courses are submitted and accepted, it can only be changed without academic consequences under the following circumstances:

  1. Academic misplacement as determined and initiated by the teacher
  2. A graduation requirement is needed
  3. Failure in a prerequisite class
  4. A technical error or an obvious mistake
  5. A health issue, requiring documentation by a physician

A student who wishes to drop an academic core course (including Honors and Advanced Placement) must complete the “Schedule Change Request” form (from Scheduling or Counseling Office) and obtain teacher, counselor, and parent signatures. Once the form is complete, it is turned into the Scheduling Office.

If a student alleges a concern with a teacher, the student and parent are encouraged to schedule a meeting to resolve the concern. The following is the recommended course of action:

  1. A conference with the teacher, parent, student (and possibly counselor) in order to address the concern and discuss solutions.
  2. A conference with the teacher, parent, student, and administrator in the event the concern has not been resolved after the initial conference.

If a student drops a class for any reason not indicated above, and/or not agreed upon by the Sheldon Counseling/Administration as an intervention, the student may receive a grade of “F” for the duration of the class. The grade of “F” will be indicated on all school transcripts and will be calculated into the grade point average of the student.

Updated: October 20, 2014

*Administration reserves the right to make changes to classes as a result of enrollment concerns.