Mr. & Ms. Irish Pageant

The Mr. & Ms. Irish Pageant is part of the “Kids Helping Kids” program that benefits the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN). The Children’s Miracle Network’s mission is to help provide Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend with vital medical equipment that is designed, as well as used, specifically for treating premature babies, infants and children whom are sick. CMN also encourages community involvement in supporting excellence in medical care for all children regardless of their injury, illness, or ability to pay.

The donations raised from the “Kids Helping Kids” program helps support the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Pediatrics, Prenatal Clinic, Healthy Tomorrow’s Clinic, Labor and Delivery, Mother Baby Unit, as well as other local health programs.

Through your donations, these programs are provided with critical funding. We would like to greatly thank you for joining us tonight as we work together to support a great cause.

This Year, Sheldon raised almost $45,000.00

There are 2,400-2,600 births every year at Sacred Heart. Out of these, 550-600 infants are treated each year in the NICU.

Mr. Irish History

Children's Miracle Network Events Kids Helping Kids logoIn 1992, CJ Martin got in trouble at school. His “punishment” was to take part in a Leadership Class. Proving he had learned his lesson in a BIG way, he concocted the idea of holding a talent/beauty pageant to raise money for hospitalized children– with a twist. The GUYS would put on the show and the GIRLS would manage them. Kids Helping Kids was born!Fast forward to the present day: Students from 18 area high schools in four counties labor for three or more months to fundraise and create an event that has become a permanent tradition for the schools. This year marks the 21st year since CJ Martin began this tradition here at Sheldon High School.The students who choose to participate do so for different reasons. By pageant night, however, they are all in it for one reason– saving lives. No longer focused on competing for the winning spot, these young adults have learned to look beyond their own teenage wants, needs, activities and social status and contribute to a vital community resource.

Since 1993, Kids Helping Kids has raised just shy of 5 million dollars for Children’s Miracle Network.

Diapers created for the tiniest babies are often smaller than the palm of your hand, and cost $170 per case of 360.