Matt Binkerd, 9th Grade AVID Elective
phone: 541-790-6650

Coming Soon Matt’s Testimonial.

Mike Washburn, 10th Grade AVID Elective
phone: 541-790-6774

  • I love AVID for so many reasons.  AVID helps me stay organized in school and out of school.  AVID is like a second family.  Everybody in AVID makes you feel at home.
  • Just writing down notes is useless.  AVID has taught me to write them down, use a highlighter, and underline key facts.  And you must review them to be effective.
  • It’s helped me with math and being organized.
  • AVID is a great class with a lot of important information and fun people.  It is very helpful to me.


Aaron Steilger, 11th/12th Grade AVID Elective
phone: 541-790-6703

Coming soon Aaron’s testimonial.

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