Class of 2017 Countdown!

Hello 2017 Graduates and Families-

It is not too early to start planning for your graduation and here are some things to remember along the way:

  1. Sheldon High School’s Commencement Ceremony will begin at 7:00 PM on Friday, June 9, 2016 at The Hult Center for Performing Arts.  Tickets are required. 
  2. Each graduating student is eligible for six tickets. (Unlike years past, the limited number of tickets guarantees six tickets per student, even if that student lives in multiple households.)  The first two are free and the remaining four may be purchased at $5.00/ticket if/when the student is “cleared” to pick up tickets.  *Please see the Senior Timeline for ticket sale dates.
  3. Seating in Silva Hall in the Hult Center is divided into three sections;  Orchestra, Mezzanine, and Balcony.  Tickets are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis beginning with the orchestra seating.  Six tickets will be set aside (including two in the orchestra section) for each graduate until the open sales date, May 31.
  4. Students who wish to purchase more than their allotted six tickets will have to request an additional number of tickets at the time their first six tickets are picked up.  Additional tickets, beyond the first six, will cost $15.00/ticket and will be sold by random lottery and based on the student’s initial request.
  5. Auditions to speak and/or perform at Graduation will be held on Thursday and Friday, April 20 & 21 during lunch.  Please prepare ahead of time and sign up in the main office.

Notes from the 2017 Senior Parent Meeting-April 12

Graduation auditions are April 20 & 21 at lunch in F-3. Seniors who wish to audition must sign up in the front office in advance.
Diploma Name Forms
What would you like to see on your diploma? Diploma name forms may be picked up outside the registrar’s office in the main office. Must be your legal name; however, you have the choice to list middle name or initial. If we don’t get a form from you, we will use whatever is in Synergy.
What it means to be clear
“Clear” means that you have all the required credits to graduate: Not just the number of credits, but your credits are in the right categories. It also means you have met the state’s Essential Skills in Writing, Reading and Math, which you began testing for your junior year. Some of you met through Smarter Balanced testing, Work Keys, Work Samples, PSAT, SAT or other approved means. You also must have completed your Career Related Learning Standards, which most students completed in grade 11 Career and Tech Exploration class or for IHS, their Junior Seminar. “Clear” also means that you have no outstanding library, textbook or school fines. This includes late fees, parking tickets, graduation fees, etc. Term 3 textbooks do not count against a student at this time. Students can check in with the finance office if they want to check on any fines they may have. *Please be aware; Student fines from earlier grades stay with them throughout high school.
Process for Tickets
Sheldon Graduation: Tickets will be sold at lunchtime only beginning May 15 and every Mon-Wed-Fri through May 26. Every senior has SIX tickets set aside for him or her; two are free and in the orchestra section at the Hult Center. Four more can be purchased for $5.00/ticket. The four tickets will be sold first-come-first-serve by section: orchestra, mezzanine, and balcony. Students who need additional tickets must request those tickets at that time. On May 31, all unclaimed tickets will be sold for $15.00/ticket by random lottery. Notices will be posted outside the front office and students will have 24hours to claim the tickets. Unclaimed tickets will go back into the next lottery on June 5, if needed.
Handicapped Seating
After all tickets are sold, an email will go out to all senior parents regarding the need for handicapped or special seating arrangements. The Hult Center is able to accommodate handicapped seating in all sections of the Hult Center. You will need to provide: Name of student; special need (ie; wheelchair, walker, etc.); ticket section/color; and the number to reserve: (Hult Center will only reserve up to 4 including the special seating). Please note: If you have pre-arranged for handicapped seating at graduation, you will need to let one of the Hult Center ushers know your student’s last name upon entering the Hall. Your seating will be roped off and they will direct you to it.
Seating order at Graduation
The letter “O” was drawn. Those with last names ending in “O” will be seated in the front and alphabetical from “O” on.
Ceremony Specifics
The Graduation ceremony is a privilege not a right! Students are expected to conduct themselves according to 4J policy outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities. Caps can be decorated with FLAT artwork or stickers only. We will have extra caps available should your student come with a cap that is two dimensional or inappropriate. Clothes must be worn under gowns! No horns, confetti, blow-ups, beach balls, etc, that would take away from the ceremony in general. This ceremony is for parents, grandparents, and loved ones and we expect that students act in a manner that is respectful to all.
Graduation Day
Senior Breakfast and Awards is at 9:00 AM at the Valley River Inn. Tickets are $15.00 for students as well as parents. Students are responsible to get themselves to the breakfast; transportation is not provided.
Graduation Rehearsal is from 12:00 -2:00 PM at the Hult Center for Performing Arts. Students are responsible for getting to rehearsal and for parking. Make sure you know where you are parking and if a fee is required. You will get a ticket if parked without paying. Students who participate in graduation MUST attend the rehearsal.
Seniors should show up at the Hult Center between 6:00-6:15 PM. At 6:15 PM, on the outside staircase, Lifetouch will take the official “Class of 2017” picture. We will then line up to head into the ceremony!

Grad Night Party
A fantastic group of volunteers who are also senior parents puts on this party! They still need help and funds in order to make this special night happen. Please contact Sanjuanita Baum at to see how you can help or to sign up your senior for the event!

2017 Senior Timeline updated 03.17.17

For additional questions please contact Sonja Casarez, High School Secretary, at 541-790-6620 or