Vote LAURA BAKER for The Newell Award!

For anyone not already aware, Laura Baker is the trainer for Sheldon HS. Laura does an outstanding job. She works above and beyond providing top-grade care for the boys and girls participating in Sheldon HS sports. Additionally, she helps kids involved with club teams like LAX, despite there being no funding for it.

Recently the Slocum Center for Orthopedics nominated Laura as a candidate for The Newell Award. This award “recognizes athletic trainers for their service and leadership they provide to local athletic communities.” I encourage you to take 2 minutes to click on the link below to vote for Laura, and write a brief 2-sentence statement in support of her.

Submissions can come from anyone in the community that would like to support their athletic trainer, so please share this link with anyone who has received Laura’s excellent training.

Go Irish!
Dear Sheldon Family and Friends,

Please join me in congratulating Laura Baker who was just awarded The National Athletic Training Association (NATA) and Gatorade team Award. This prestigious and very hard to get award recognizes “Outstanding Contributions to the Athletic Training Profession in the Secondary School Setting”. The work Laura has done, especially spearheading concussion management in the district, set her apart from other nominees and has propelled her to national recognition.
Laura is an awesome Athletic Trainer and it is about time that more people knew about the wonderful work that she does.
Thank you for supporting your athletic trainer and for letting Laura know how much we appreciate her.

Best regards,

Dr. Bob