Transcript Requests


Almost all colleges will want your most current official transcript as part of your application materials. Some colleges will require the Mid-Year Report AND all will require a Final Transcript/Report.  Although many of the college applications state in the school counselor section for the school counselor to provide these, we require Sheldon students to order them through Jan Gordon or through Naviance. You must meet with your counselor.

*If you are doing the Common Application Online  you must meet with your counselor to request them– Counselors will send Official Transcripts electronically. Check your college list on Naviance. If the school takes application materials electronically, meet with your counselor to request them to be sent. Some schools may still require you to submit a transcript for the mid-year and final report. Double check with your counselor! Some schools will require you to submit your transcript through the mail.

1)      Go to the Registrar’s office in the main office area.

2)      Sign up for the amount of official transcripts that you need.

3)      Pay $1.00 per official transcript.  Pay $2.00 if you want the Registrar to mail it for you.

4)      Note on the sign-up sheet if you want the Registrar to give the official transcripts to the school counselor to be added into their mailing.  (Make sure that the envelope you have provided has enough stamps to adequately mail all of the materials.)

5)      If you sign up by 11:00 a.m., you can pick up after 2:00 pm.  If you sign up after 11:00 a.m., you can pick up the next day.