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2015-2016 Honors Application

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If you find that you are having a difficult time in a class, here are several recommendations you can do to get help:

Ask your Teacher for help

Your teacher is going to know the situation best and would be a good place to start. Teachers are available to you during Common Time, in their classroom or by appointment.

Get a Peer Tutor

Most National Honor Society members are tutors. These students are Juniors or Seniors who feel very comfortable explaining certain academic areas to other students. In addition, some teachers have a tutor list for their subject area. Your School Counselor has the current list of Peer Mentors and NHS Tutors.

ER / Sheldon Academy

ER is a teacher supervised study period where you can get help completing homework and assignments. It is available all four periods each term. You need a referral from your counselor, case manager, or the Academy staff to enroll in this class.

Sheldon Academy afternoon/evening classes provide credit recovery opportunities for Juniors and Seniors to make up missing or failed classes. This is also referral based and requires a meeting with your counselor or case manager.

Math Rχ

You can go to room B-22 during common time on certain days to get help on math lessons and homework. Contact the math department for updated schedules and information.


ESAAY students provide mentoring and tutoring in a casual environment at lunch time in the Multicultural Center. Some Asian languages are represented, mainly Korean. Open to all grades and all students. Check with the Multicultural Center for the schedule.

Multicultural Center

The Multicultural Center is a place to study. Elective credit is available to students who sign up to attend on a daily basis.

Learning Center Basic Study Skills

This is for students who are already in the Learning Center, although it is open for all students if they request it. This is offered every period each term, as well as during common time. If interested please see your IEP Case manager or your School Counselor.

4J Night School and Summer School

The 4J School District offers both Night School and Summer School classes to 4J students. Currently these classes take place at South Eugene High School. There is a fee for Summer School, not for Night School. You need to get an application from your High School Counselor.

Summer Bridges Program

If you were in this 9th grade transition program, check in with one of the Summer Bridge Teachers or your counselor for academic follow-up or support.

Other academic tools

Grade Print-Out available online. You will need to know your class title, period, and student number to access your personal information. You can preview your current grade and missing assignments. View your grades.

Class Syllabi available online. You can preview class expectations, learning goals, and assignments. View the syllabi.

Weekly Homework Completion Form: There are tracking forms available for students at the front desk in the main office.

Planners / Daily Calendars: Each teacher writes their daily assignments and homework on the board. You should take responsibility to write down the assigned work and the due dates into your planner or calendar. Use a paperclip or a rubberband to keep the page on the current date. A planner can also help you to not procrastinate and to keep track of long term projects and upcoming exams.

Study Groups / Classmates: Working together with others is helpful, especially when each student is assigned a section or a concept to teach the rest of the group. The person teaching others will have an even better understanding and is more likely to remember the learning experience.


If you google “homework help online” you will get a wealth of links. Here are just a few: (Be careful about any fees a website may want to charge you. Many of these sites are free resources.)

Local Businesses

There are businesses in the local area that provide tutoring and/or standardized test preparation. There are fees involved. Download the guide at the top of this page for the complete list.