Technology Overview


Sheldon High School has four main computer labs, with satellite labs found throughout the building.

The students within the building have access to these main labs every day before school and during lunch. The labs are used for a variety of technology-related classes during the school day. If a student needs access to a computer during a free period, the library is open as well as the front office.

Most classrooms, computer labs and lecture hall feature built-in digital projectors. There are also portable projectors available for use throughout the building.

All classrooms have wireless internet access for those with valid 4J login information.

All staff and students at Sheldon High School are able to save their work on our network servers. This has the benefit of allowing them to have access to their files from any computer in the building.

Each student should own a USB Flash Media Device; these are sometimes called thumb drives. This is an easy way for them to take work home with them as they will work on any newer Mac or PC. They can be found at any computer or office supply store and cost as little as $10.

This vast network of technology wouldn’t work as smoothly as it does if without the help of some very dedicated students. If you’re interested in becoming part of the SHS tech team, contact our IT administrator.