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Welcome to the Sheldon Library Media Center

“Your place to find good books to read, collaborate on assignments, and discover new information.”

Hours: The library is open from 7:30 until 4:00 for classes and students who want a quiet place to read, write, or study. On Wednesdays our opening times may change due to staff meetings. From time to time the library will be closed to drop-ins when a teacher reserves it for a class session or when other duties prevent the librarian from being available.

Library Circulation Policy:
Most books are loaned for three weeks and may be renewed up to three times unless another student makes a request.
If books are not returned or renewed by their due date, students will be charged 25 cents per day, per book, up to a maximum of $10 for each title. Students may check out as many books as they want to be responsible for, but any student with active overdues, or fines amounting to $20 or more, may not check out additional books until those debts have been settled.

Lost or damaged books must be paid for and can be quite expensive, so please treat our resources respectfully. Students will be expected to settle up their library accounts before the end of each school year, and those who have outstanding debts will not receive their early fall schedules.

For graduating seniors, diplomas and transcripts may be withheld if books are not returned or fines paid.

Enjoy your school year, and please let us know if we can be of assistance!

Ms. Kori Kunz
(541) 790-6662
Textbook Specialist:
Mrs. Carrie Mertz
(541) 790-6663