Computer Labs

The sign-up computer lab is available for any teacher that wants to bring in his or her class for occasional use. To reserve the lab, please use the help desk form.

Silver COW (Next to Library, Room B-3)


Brown COW (English Office)

Green COW (Room C-9)

Orange COW (Room H-1)

Pink COW (World Language Office)

Red COW (Room S-6)

White COW (Math Office, across from B-21)

Yellow COW (Room F-5)

Purple COW (Room C-11)

iPad Carts have 40 Apple iPad Mini’s and are loaded with Educational Apps. Reserve an iPad Cart for your class today!

#1 iPad Cart (English Office)

#2 iPad Cart (Room S-6)

#3 iPad Cart (IHS Office)

Other instructional labs are used primarily for Business/Technology/Journalism classes. During open periods, these labs can be available when A2 is already reserved. Reservation process is the same as above. Please check to make sure a lab is available before making a request.

A2 – iMac Lab

A4 – Design Lab/Yearbook

A6 – Photoshop Lab

P2 – Journalism Lab