Smarter Balanced Testing
Smarter Balanced is the primary way for students to meet the Essential Skills requirement for graduation. Students MUST show competence in reading, writing
and math to graduate. If a student does not show the required level of competence
through Smarter Balanced testing or another standardized test such as SAT or ACT, they will be required to take work sample classes their senior year. This is not preferred, as these work sample classes will take up a period in a student’s schedule while also requiring staffing that could be used to reduce class sizes in other classes.

Smarter Balance testing for juniors begins:
Feb 22-Math and May 16-Math
Feb 29-English and May 23-English
Mar 7-Science and  May 30-Science

IB EXAMS- May 2, 2016-May 18, 2016

AP EXAMS-May 2, 2016-May 13, 2016