We still need help with some photos

It’s your chance to get in the yearbook…help us out by sending in your pictures!!

  • Working at your job or volunteering

  • Procrastinating

  • Your ‘style’

  • Fun selfies

  • Non-Sheldon sports—mt biking, skate boarding, gymnastics, rock climbing, snowboarding, etc.

  • IHS

Send to email: sheldonybk@gmail.com
Free APP:
HJ eshare (school code 97401)


Photos Needed!!!

We need photos for the following pages:

  • Spirit pics (any Irish games)

  • TEN students

  • Extreme Sports (basically any non-traditional Sheldon sport)

  • IHS (various activities)

  • Band and choir performances.

  • Style (show us your fashion style)


We need your summer pictures!!

Don’t forget to send in your summer pictures….rafting, biking, hanging out at the lake, going to the country fair and concerts, working, volunteering, traveling…you name it, we’d like to see them!!

You can download the free Herff Jones app to your smart phone and upload from there… the school code is 97401. Or use the link on our website and upload from your computer.